Cursive Art Co-Founder Rachel Ridgeway


 Cursive Art Co-Founder Darleny Del-Rosario

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"Some of us are waiting for love, some of us are waiting for old wounds to heal and some of us are waiting for another chance at life. Mostly because women have always been told to WAIT! But sometimes waiting for change is a choice that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life. Who’s to say that waiting will guarantee you freedom or happiness?  Now is the time to claim your peace by looking to the women of the past and to the women of our future! We have to carry on the courage passed down from Harriet Tubman, The leadership shown by Coretta Scott King, The truth told by Angela Davis, The success sought by Oprah Winfrey,  The beauty understood by Halle Berry, The realness said by Queen Latifah,  The required work put in by Beyonce, And last but not least,  The necessary wait from Michelle Obama"