Cursive Art Founders


Rachel Ridgeway (Co-Founder of Cursive Art)

"Time will pass, so why not spend it doing something you love". Rachel is a graduate of Dillard University with a Bachelors degree in Theatre. She is one of the first in her immediate family to graduate from college. Born and raised in the city of New Orleans, she has always aspired to give back to her city while making her dreams come true. She quotes, " The people of New Orleans have always been my foundation, so it is a must, that I give back to those, who have given to me". Rachel was fortunate enough to perform all over the city of New Orleans in arenas and theatres. She is a professional playwright, actress and singer who won't rest until the creative people in her city are granted more opportunities. She has a dream to create a pathway that will allow this generation to gain power, in a fun and creative way.


Darleny Del Rosario ( Co-Founder of Cursive Art)

"Beauty lies in the eye of the Beholder". Darleny is a graduate of Dillard University with a Bachelors degree in Theatre. She is one of the first in her family to complete college in the United States. She quotes "creating beautiful art is easy, but creating art that will transform your way of thinking is a little more challenging, and this is the goal of Cursive Art". Darleny is on a journey to  challenge the minds of generations to come, through the works Cursive Art produces. This Hispanic theatre lover wants to inspire others to never give up and to always follow their dreams.

How It All Started!

Rachel and Darleny not only attended college together, they also attended the same high school. While getting to know each other at Algiers Technology Academy, they joined a four man theatre/drama club that changed their lives forever. They established an unbreakable friendship and a love for the arts that would never die. During their senior year in high school, they were both offered Talent-Based scholarships to attend the illustrious Dillard University. While in college, they stumbled upon a plan that would allow them to do the creative works they enjoyed doing while being young "BOSSES". They never thought for a second that them knowing each other was by accident. So, they go on to live up to the standards and goals they set for one another. They both have a mutual understanding that has been embedded in their hearts and they believe that...

 "All that is good, and accomplished in this world, takes WORK"!